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An introduction to Loot Chests

NOTE: Loot Chests are not purchasable with IRL money, we will never charge players to play our game or use our features. These are purely for fun and a way to reward players.

Loot Chests are a way to obtain new loot for your penguin.

Loot Chests are purchased via your loot keys, you can also receive free chests from giveaways/contests. 

Loot within chests are either: clothing, pins or backgrounds.

There is four type of rarity:

  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Rare
  • Common

There are multiple types of chests:

Fortune Card

A Fortune Card grants you with loot that is rare or better.

You only obtain 1 piece of loot from this.

Enhanced Chest

An enhanced chest gives you 3 items which are rare or better. 

Custom Chest


A custom chest provides you with a singular custom item.

if that ends up to be a duplicate - you receive a random amount of loot keys.

You can find out the current cost of any of the above loot chests through the Loot Chests page on our website.

What does this mean?

"DUPLICATE" - This means that the item shown to you is an item you already have, and has been exchanged for a certain amount of coins/loot keys so you don't go empty-handed.

"LOOT SERIES (INSERT NUMBER HERE)" - This means that you've opened/purchased a custom chest/duo custom chest and it's just telling you what loot series the item is from.


Quick Questions

"I received two of the same items in a chest and they didn't come up as duplicates, why?" If you didn't have the item shown before opening that specific chest then you can receive multiple, but you won't get it in chests after. 


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