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An introduction to Loot Keys

Club Penguin Reborn is an economy-based CPPS, and with an economy comes a currency - which in our case, is loot keys.

Loot keys is a separate currency to the original in-game currency of Coins, loot keys are what controls the market, what allows you to purchase and unlock specific features.

Loot keys are earned via playing matches of Card-Jitsu, selling/trading your items, loot chests and your log in bonus.

Card Jitsu

While playing Card-Jitsu against other players, you'll receive a specific amount of loot keys for completing a match.

The winner of a game receives 2 loot keys, and the loser receives 1.

Selling/trading your items

On Club Penguin Reborn, players can trade/sell items they don't want in return for loot keys, you can sell/trade items once your penguin reaches 30 days old.

To choose an item to sell, you simply go to Market and click on Trade Manager.

Loot Chests

On Club Penguin Reborn, you can purchase loot chests with your keys, you can get new custom items, normal items, igloos, custom igloos, normal puffles, custom puffles and furniture within loot chests.

Login Bonus

Players can go in-game every 12 hours to receive 2 loot keys.


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